2019 – the story so far


2019 – the story so far

Chairman’s Thoughts: Wow, where did those first three months of the year go? You spend all of January moaning that you haven’t been paid for 96 days, the month has 12 weekends in it and you’ve got about £1.30 to last you through the week! Before you know it though it’s over with and February and March have both passed us by as well!

From a Club perspective it’s been a great start to the year, with the committee meeting a couple of times and working hard behind the scenes to make sure that we continue to deliver what you, as our members, have asked for. We do have some challenges to work through but I’m encouraged by the start we’ve made and some of the feedback I’ve heard.

All of the coaches and committee members do so as volunteers and we’re indebted to their commitment and time, without which we couldn’t operate as a Club. There will be times when a bike ride, run session or training event has to get cancelled or rescheduled, this is inevitable as coaches/leaders have their own commitments to juggle, and what appeared to be a good plan at the time gets overtaken by events. This decision isn’t made lightly and certainly isn’t done to annoy you, please bare this in mind should it impact on your training plans. If you have any questions/comments please do feed back directly to any member of the committee.

Membership numbers are around 80 which is fantastic, with more sure to join over the coming months as the weather improves, people venture outside and get inspired by all the amazing events and accomplishments that you’ve achieved (this does happen, even if you don’t realise it) you are inspiring others, by your actions, to get involved and give it a go.

Thanks to Jason for keeping an eye on the financial side of things, the Club bank account is in a very healthy state. We have set aside a ‘Coaching’ fund which is available to any member of the Club who wishes to gain formal coaching qualifications. Each application will be assessed on a case by case basis, taking into consideration the individual, the need of the Club and the benefits that qualification will bring. Applications for funding should be made to the committee.

Swimming: Swim numbers have been really good so far this year, with new and old members actively joining in on a regular basis. This is really encouraging and helps keep the buzz and momentum around the Club. Erika has put together a rosta for the next 3 months which will ensure that we’ve got a coach poolside for every session.
Due to coach availability we may introduce a non coached swim session once a month. We’re still looking at how this would work and will update you all once we have finalised the details.
Big thanks to Tommy Blake who is fast becoming a valuable asset to the swim coach rosta. Thanks for stepping up and offering your time Tommy.

Spin classes continue on a Tuesday evening and as we’ve said previously, it’d be great if we could get a few more to attend.
Club/social rides will start to kick off more regularly as the weather gets warmer and the days longer. Don’t forget to post and share when you’re off on a ride, I know this does happen and it’s great to see you meeting up for long and short rides, photo opportunities and cake stops.

Running: Some words from John Blake (Run Captain):
After some hard thinking about how to take the run training forward we decided that we wouldn’t just continue with weekly sessions as these had proved difficult for us to maintain when most members were already members of run clubs. I was also finding it hard to have qualified coaches supporting these sessions as yet again they need to be coaching to keep up their qualifications. So what did we do? We started #Bayside on Tour where once a month we all head to a nominated ParkRun hopefully sporting our Bayside kit. Once there we have a group warm up and then run or support and then have a coffee and cake after. So far we have been to Fareham and Whiteley both of which have been great days and one’s where Bayside members have supported each other regardless of where/when they finished. The feedback has been good from these and they will continue although as we start to hit the Tri season I might have to move things around and the next one will be at Eastleigh on the day the lake is opening for this year’s first swim. Whilst at Whiteley Steve Samways arranged for a discount at Solent Cycles which was a bonus.

I also ran a technical session focusing on posture and arms which was well attended. However the day was so cold which made it quite difficult as I had to keep people moving which wasn’t really what I had intended. Having said that though I still was able to video and share these with the group pointing out areas for improvement. Yet again I received positive feedback and when I can I will aim to include another one hoping to continue to help those that came last time and to help those attending for the first time.

We’ve also arranged track sessions to be made available to club members on the last Monday of the month at HMS Temeraire. These are great for building speed and those that have attended have found them to be useful.The other thing I tried to encourage, which hasn’t been as successful, was trying to get people to post up about runs they are doing to see if others can join them. This I hope will catch on as it’s a good way to train with company, but be honest about distance and pace so you get similar paces/distance abilities joining you.

GOTRI Events 2019

We’re planning on hosting another series of GOTRI races this year. The first of which is booked in for Friday 17th May. These are aimed at getting people into the sport with distances that are more than achievable. Cheap to enter and all finishers will receive a medal. The Aquathlon this year will also include a Juniors race, for those aged 10 – 14 there’ll be a 150m swim / 1.5km run option. Places are limited so please get get those interested signed up as soon as possible.
We do need volunteers for each race so if you could spare a couple of hours to come down to the Leisure Centre and help out it’d be very much appreciated.

Non-technical Kit:

It’s great to see lots of #TeamBayside t-shirts on display at Parkrun and other events. These, along with the distinctive hoodies help to spread the word and promote the club. You may have also seen the recent Facebook post showing the new club polo shirts. These will be available to order very shortly. In addition we’re awaiting a final design of a Bayside Tri CLub buff, these are really popular items of race kit and will be an essential item in your training kit. Keep an eye out on Facebook for when they’ll be available.

A few dates for the diary

  • Sunday 7th April – Southampton Fast Twitch Triathlon
  • Tuesday 9th April – The Gosport Summer 5km Race Series #1 – Bayside Cabin
  • Saturday 13th April – Bayside on Parkrun Tour – Eastleigh Parkrun
  • Saturday 13th April – First swim at Eastleigh Lake
  • Sunday 12th May – Swashbuckler Middle Distance Triathlon – Bucklers Hard
  • Friday 17th May – GOTRI Aquathlon – Gosport Leisure Centre
  • Saturday 18th May – Fareham Triathlon – Fareham Leisure Centre

The year (so far) in Photos

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