Happy 15th Birthday Parkrun

Paul Sinton-Hewitt has got a lot to answer for (and it’s all good!).

Every week 350,000 people congregate at their local Parkrun at 09:00 on a Saturday and run, jog and walk their way round the 5km course. Everyone that finishes gets a time, a record of the achievement kept and it’s all free. Some race it, some use it as part of training for other events, some use it for the social interaction that it brings, some for the mental and physical health benefits that sport gives and some just do it for the fun of it (hopefully that’s most of us).

Those taking part couldn’t do it without the dedication and enthusiasm of the Race Directors and volunteers who give up their own time to allow this to take place. We owe these volunteers a huge thank you.

15 years ago Paul and a few friends (13 runners I believe) hosted the first Parkrun, although at the time it was called the Bushy Park Time Trial and I’m pretty sure he couldn’t have predicted the Parkrun phenomenon that would follow.

We’re really lucky at Bayside Tri Club to have 6 different Parkruns within a 10km radius (7 if you include the Isle of Wight but that’s a little trickier to get to !) and we’ve started a monthly Parkrun Tour. The aim of the Parkrun tour is to visit a local Parkrun en masse, wearing club colours, have a warm up, encourage each other round the course, bring a few supporters with us and then go for a coffee afterwards.

This month we decided that we didn’t need to go anywhere other than Lee on the Solent ( ), our home Parkrun, as we wanted as many members as possible to help them celebrate the 15th birthday.

The weather was perfect and despite a number of Baysiders being away racing over the weekend we had a great turnout. We had 19 finishers, 2 first timers and 1 PB + some great support.

We’ll continue to support the local Parkruns, they bring so much to the local community with friendships made, encouragement given and so many other benefits.

Thank you Paul Sinton-Hewitt and all involved in Parkrun.

PstnNameTimeAge CatAge GradeM/FPB
6Tommy BLAKE18:29JM15-1774.12%MPB stays at 00:18:00
28Lee RHODES20:20VM40-4469.18%MPB stays at 00:19:36
29John BLAKE20:22VM45-4971.28%MNew PB!
38Hayden YOUNG20:49VM35-3965.09%MPB stays at 00:19:38
52Matthew EVANS21:39VM45-4966.51%MPB stays at 00:20:11
73Neil KENT22:50VM50-5464.60%MFirst Timer!
75James HOPSON22:53SM30-3456.52%MPB stays at 00:21:02
82Lara EVANS23:04VW40-4468.21%FPB stays at 00:21:45
84Philip MARTIN23:05VM55-5968.30%MPB stays at 00:21:07
114Sarah BORTHWICK24:12SW25-2961.16%FPB stays at 00:22:52
129Gary SOLLY24:38VM55-5962.92%MPB stays at 00:23:58
147Erika TAVENER25:43VW40-4460.73%FPB stays at 00:25:17
160Geoffrey COOK26:14VM55-5960.61%MPB stays at 00:22:55
192Lee JORDAN26:55VM40-4450.71%MFirst Timer!
247Amanda CROFTS28:43VW45-4956.41%FPB stays at 00:27:19
258Penny Nash29:05VW50-5457.65%FPB stays at 00:27:39
284Steve SAMWAYS29:48VM45-4948.71%MPB stays at 00:22:44
302Emma ADOLPHO31:00VW35-3949.03%FPB stays at 00:28:31
303Kev ASTON31:00VM40-4444.35%MPB stays at 00:26:52

Bayside Autumn Duathlon 2019

We’re delighted to provide details of the 5th annual Bayside Autumn Duathlon (run/bike/run), a British Triathlon permitted event.

Sunday 3rd November sees us return to our spiritual home of Stokes Bay where we will welcome up to 200 competitors to the start line.

We offer two race distances to choose from:

  • Super Sprint: 2.5km run / 15km bike / 2.5km run
  • Sprint: 5km run / 25km bike / 5km run

Race day timings are as follows:

  • Registration: Saturday 10:00 – 14:00 Alton Sports, Gosport
  • Registration: Sunday 06:30 – 07:45 Race HQ
  • Bike Racking: Sunday 06:30 – 07:45
  • Race Brief: Sunday 07:50
  • Race Start (both distances): 08:00

Online entry is now available via the British Triathlon website: with the entry fee being a flat £30 (+£3 race day license for those not members of a home nation triathlon organisation)

Our race is aimed at competitors of all abilities and experience, from experience triathlete through to those taking on a multi-disciple event for the first time or progressing from the popular GOTRI events. The only stipulation of entry is that your bike must be road safe and that you have a cycle helmet.

Both the run and cycle routes are relatively flat, with the run taking in promenade of Stokes Bay and the bike route heading along Lee-on-Solent seafront towards Stubbington, and for those doing the longer distance towards Titchfield and through Titchfield Haven. Route maps are available, see cycle overview pdf document.

All finishers will receive a bespoke medal and small goodie bag. This years medal design recognises the efforts undertaken to support the war efforts in Gosport, with the run route taking competitors past one of the sites used to construct caissons (code name Phoenix) and associated pierheads used to build the Mulberry Harbours from Oct 1943 to April 1944 and which were an major contribution to the success of operation Overload. Our medal pays respect to those who laboured to construct them.

Bayside Autumn Duathlon Medal 2019

The race will be fully chip timed, with individual results available to competitors immediately on completion and a full list of results available online.

Please contact for further details.


Sea Swim Triathlon – 11th August

On Sunday 11th August 2019 Bayside Tri Club will be hosting their very first sea swim triathlon. Working closely with our friends at Stokes Bay Sailing Club this will be the first officially British Triathlon permitted triathlon in Stokes Bay.

Aimed at those new to multi-discipline events and those making the transition from pool/lake based events to sea swim ones. As this is our first open water swim triathlon we’ll be limiting the number of competitors to just 60 so don’t delay, get signed up and be part of the inaugural Bayside Tri Sea Swim Triathlon.

Starting and finishing at Stokes Bay Sailing Club the event will consist of a 400m sea swim in the Solent followed by a 12.6 km bike leg along the seafront to Stubington (and back) and a 3km run taking in parts of Stokes Bay promenade.  

Event Timings:

  • Registration: 06:15 – 06:45
  • Bike Racking : 06:15 – 06:45
  • Race Brief: 06:50
  • First Swimmers: 07:00

Wetsuits are compulsory for all competitors.

Spectators are welcome to view the start from the Sailing Club viewing deck (with views across the Solent).

All finishers will receive a medal and a bacon roll & hot drink (tea / coffee) on completion.

Signing up is easy, just follow the link:


GOTRI Duathlon – run/bike/run – 28th July 2019

On Sunday 28th July we return to Stokes Bay for the 3rd in our 2019 GOTRI race series.

A beginner friendly run / bike / run event aimed at those taking their first steps into multi discipline sports  will see you take on a 2km run, followed by a 15km cycle ride before finishing with another 2km run.

Starting and finishing at No 2 Battery West Carpark (Bayside Cabin), Stokes Bay Road, Stokes Bay.

Event Timings:

  • Registration: 07:15 – 07:45
  • Bike Racking: 07:15 – 07:45
  • Race Brief: 07:50 (all to attend)
  • Race Start: 08:00

Entrants will be welcomed and looked after throughout the event by members of Bayside Tri Club who have built up a reputation of being supportive, encouraging and welcoming.

For just £8.50 entry fee all finishers will receive a medal and the satisfaction of completing a GOTRI event.

Entry is available online via the British Triathlon events website:

Please note that the minimum age we can accept entries for this event is 15.

Cycle and Run Routes can be downloaded here:


2019 – the story so far

Chairman’s Thoughts: Wow, where did those first three months of the year go? You spend all of January moaning that you haven’t been paid for 96 days, the month has 12 weekends in it and you’ve got about £1.30 to last you through the week! Before you know it though it’s over with and February and March have both passed us by as well!

From a Club perspective it’s been a great start to the year, with the committee meeting a couple of times and working hard behind the scenes to make sure that we continue to deliver what you, as our members, have asked for. We do have some challenges to work through but I’m encouraged by the start we’ve made and some of the feedback I’ve heard.

All of the coaches and committee members do so as volunteers and we’re indebted to their commitment and time, without which we couldn’t operate as a Club. There will be times when a bike ride, run session or training event has to get cancelled or rescheduled, this is inevitable as coaches/leaders have their own commitments to juggle, and what appeared to be a good plan at the time gets overtaken by events. This decision isn’t made lightly and certainly isn’t done to annoy you, please bare this in mind should it impact on your training plans. If you have any questions/comments please do feed back directly to any member of the committee.

Membership numbers are around 80 which is fantastic, with more sure to join over the coming months as the weather improves, people venture outside and get inspired by all the amazing events and accomplishments that you’ve achieved (this does happen, even if you don’t realise it) you are inspiring others, by your actions, to get involved and give it a go.

Thanks to Jason for keeping an eye on the financial side of things, the Club bank account is in a very healthy state. We have set aside a ‘Coaching’ fund which is available to any member of the Club who wishes to gain formal coaching qualifications. Each application will be assessed on a case by case basis, taking into consideration the individual, the need of the Club and the benefits that qualification will bring. Applications for funding should be made to the committee.

Swimming: Swim numbers have been really good so far this year, with new and old members actively joining in on a regular basis. This is really encouraging and helps keep the buzz and momentum around the Club. Erika has put together a rosta for the next 3 months which will ensure that we’ve got a coach poolside for every session.
Due to coach availability we may introduce a non coached swim session once a month. We’re still looking at how this would work and will update you all once we have finalised the details.
Big thanks to Tommy Blake who is fast becoming a valuable asset to the swim coach rosta. Thanks for stepping up and offering your time Tommy.

Spin classes continue on a Tuesday evening and as we’ve said previously, it’d be great if we could get a few more to attend.
Club/social rides will start to kick off more regularly as the weather gets warmer and the days longer. Don’t forget to post and share when you’re off on a ride, I know this does happen and it’s great to see you meeting up for long and short rides, photo opportunities and cake stops.

Running: Some words from John Blake (Run Captain):
After some hard thinking about how to take the run training forward we decided that we wouldn’t just continue with weekly sessions as these had proved difficult for us to maintain when most members were already members of run clubs. I was also finding it hard to have qualified coaches supporting these sessions as yet again they need to be coaching to keep up their qualifications. So what did we do? We started #Bayside on Tour where once a month we all head to a nominated ParkRun hopefully sporting our Bayside kit. Once there we have a group warm up and then run or support and then have a coffee and cake after. So far we have been to Fareham and Whiteley both of which have been great days and one’s where Bayside members have supported each other regardless of where/when they finished. The feedback has been good from these and they will continue although as we start to hit the Tri season I might have to move things around and the next one will be at Eastleigh on the day the lake is opening for this year’s first swim. Whilst at Whiteley Steve Samways arranged for a discount at Solent Cycles which was a bonus.

I also ran a technical session focusing on posture and arms which was well attended. However the day was so cold which made it quite difficult as I had to keep people moving which wasn’t really what I had intended. Having said that though I still was able to video and share these with the group pointing out areas for improvement. Yet again I received positive feedback and when I can I will aim to include another one hoping to continue to help those that came last time and to help those attending for the first time.

We’ve also arranged track sessions to be made available to club members on the last Monday of the month at HMS Temeraire. These are great for building speed and those that have attended have found them to be useful.The other thing I tried to encourage, which hasn’t been as successful, was trying to get people to post up about runs they are doing to see if others can join them. This I hope will catch on as it’s a good way to train with company, but be honest about distance and pace so you get similar paces/distance abilities joining you.

GOTRI Events 2019

We’re planning on hosting another series of GOTRI races this year. The first of which is booked in for Friday 17th May. These are aimed at getting people into the sport with distances that are more than achievable. Cheap to enter and all finishers will receive a medal. The Aquathlon this year will also include a Juniors race, for those aged 10 – 14 there’ll be a 150m swim / 1.5km run option. Places are limited so please get get those interested signed up as soon as possible.
We do need volunteers for each race so if you could spare a couple of hours to come down to the Leisure Centre and help out it’d be very much appreciated.

Non-technical Kit:

It’s great to see lots of #TeamBayside t-shirts on display at Parkrun and other events. These, along with the distinctive hoodies help to spread the word and promote the club. You may have also seen the recent Facebook post showing the new club polo shirts. These will be available to order very shortly. In addition we’re awaiting a final design of a Bayside Tri CLub buff, these are really popular items of race kit and will be an essential item in your training kit. Keep an eye out on Facebook for when they’ll be available.

A few dates for the diary

  • Sunday 7th April – Southampton Fast Twitch Triathlon
  • Tuesday 9th April – The Gosport Summer 5km Race Series #1 – Bayside Cabin
  • Saturday 13th April – Bayside on Parkrun Tour – Eastleigh Parkrun
  • Saturday 13th April – First swim at Eastleigh Lake
  • Sunday 12th May – Swashbuckler Middle Distance Triathlon – Bucklers Hard
  • Friday 17th May – GOTRI Aquathlon – Gosport Leisure Centre
  • Saturday 18th May – Fareham Triathlon – Fareham Leisure Centre

The year (so far) in Photos


Bayside Tri Club on Tour

On the first Saturday of every month the Club plans to visit a local parkrun and experience the joys of different venues, terrain, volunteer support and post run coffee shops.

At Bayside Tri Club we’re big fans of parkrun and the many benefits these free weekly 5km runs bring. We’re very fortunate to have at least 10 parkruns within a 15 miles radius of Lee-on-the-Solent so we’ll have plenty of choice throughout the year.

We’ll meet up a little before the 09:00 start and have a group warm up and then listen to the first timers brief (if applicable) before joining the hundreds of other parkrunners taking on their own 5km challenge. Whether you’re after a PB, coming back from injury, doing a parkrun for the first time or just doing it to enjoy it there’ll be support from fellow runners and supporters alike.

This Saturday (2nd March) sees Bayside Tri Club members heading to Whiteley parkrun for their monthly parkrun tour. If you’re going we hope you have a good run and if you see us there please do say hello.


Club Committee 2019

Meet your 2019 Club Committee

Chairman: Lee Rhodes

Vice Chair: Amanda Crofts

Club Secretary: Amy-Jane Gilbert

Club Treasurer: Jason Stubington

Welfare Officer: Jen Lewis

Media Officer: Paul Jeram

Swim Captain: Erika Tavener

Cycle Captain: Paul Jeram

Run Captain: John Blake

We’re all looking forward to working together to take the Club forward, putting on training sessions, social events, GOTRI races, our end of season Duathlon and contributing to our local sporting community.


Chairman’s Review

However you wish to measure success I think it’s safe to say that 2018 proved to be another successful year for Bayside Tri Club. Many of you will know that the Club formed in January 2014 but what you probably don’t know is that when the committee got together for the very first time we thought that it’d be great if we could 50 members in each of the first three years. After that we’d hope to still be in existence but didn’t really have any plans post that. Roll on 5 years and we’ve had in excess of 90 members each year, with membership in 2018 reaching 97. Without giving exact figures (they’ll be available at the AGM) our bank balance is healthy and the strongest it’s been for a couple of years. This gives us a sustainable base and the potential to grow.

SWIM: We’ve changed the swim session from a Friday to a Thursday and reduced the session from two hours to an hour and a half, all proving a positive success. Numbers always drift off during the summer months but we’ve managed to tick over and keep the sessions going. With three lanes available there’s always something for everyone. Thank you to Erika and her team of coaches for Thursday evenings. Always positive comments on Facebook following these sessions.

BIKE: Spin classes continue on a Tuesday evening and it’d be great if we could get a few more to attend. The feedback on the spin class is positive and I think the instructor now understands that you triathletes are slightly different to your average gym goer! We probably haven’t had as many club/social rides as I would’ve liked but it’s understandable with the varied training, family & work commitments of our cycle leaders. Please use our facebook group page to post if you’re heading out for a ride, there’s a fair chance that someone else is thinking the same and would welcome the company.

RUN: Running has been a bit hit and miss and I know that John Blake has worked incredibly hard (supported by Lou and Mike) to try and ensure that the Club caters for members that aren’t part of a local running club. Plans for 2019 are being finalised and we hope that these fit in with what you are after, they include monthly Park Run tourism and Alver Valley runs. As with cycling, if you are heading out on a run and fancy some company post it on the Facebook group.

Club Awards 2018: I’ve always strongly believed in the Club’s ethos of ‘Friendship, Endeavour & Commitment’ and it’s no mistake that these three simple words feature on our club kit. I believe that you, the members, embrace this ethos each time you train & race. We have such a great mix of abilities, from complete novices, those getting back into multi-discipline sport, seasoned triathletes through to GB Age Group athletes, each of you supporting, encouraging and inspiring your club mates. This year we decided to hold a Club Awards evening to celebrate all that is great about our Club. An event that I hope will become an annual occurrence.

Congratulations to all the winners:

Members Triathlete of the Year (as voted for by you): Mark Millard

Outstanding Achievement Award (as voted for by the committee): Mark Millard

Swim Captain’s Award: Dan Roiz De Sa

Cycle Captain’s Award: Howard Stinton

Run Captain’s Award: Kate Stubbings

Chairman’s Award: Amanda Crofts

Club Website: This year we revamped the Club website, recognising that it had become a bit stale and dated. Thanks to Paul Jeram for his efforts on this, I think you’ll all agree that the new site looks a lot better. It does rely on content to be kept current though so if you have any photos / articles / things to share please do pass them on.

GOTRI Events: With 2 more GOTRI races hosted by the Club we continue to provide an accessible intro into our sport. Simple and cheap to organise these events help to raise the profile of the Club, raise some funds and result in a few new members joining the Club. The most common questions I get at the end of our GOTRI’s is ‘when is the next one’, ‘can you make the next one longer’ and ‘can my children get involved’. So in 2019 we’ll be hosting another GOTRI series with an Aquathlon, Triathlon and Duathlon as a minimum. We’re also working hard to get a junior (10 – 15yr olds) aquathlon approved by British Triathlon.

The finish line for our GOTRI Aquathlon (300m swim / 3km run)

Stokes Bay Junior Park Run: Thanks to your generosity we were able to support the team responsible for organising the Stokes Bay Junior Park Run with a cheque. This went towards some storage facilities and extra equipment. These kids are the future of our sport so it was a privilege to be there and cheer them all on.

Stokes Bay Junior Park Run with Paul Atkinson

Dame Kelly Homes: In July we were lucky enough to meet and run with Dame Kelly Holmes, a true ambassador for running and the benefits of sport on mental health. We did invite her to the Bayside Autumn Duathlon 2018 (even offering free entry) however despite initial interest we didn’t see her on the start line, maybe she’ll turn up in 2019!

Dame Kelly Holmes with a few of #TeamBayside

Bayside Autumn Duathlon 2018: On Sunday 4th November we returned to Stokes Bay for the 4th Bayside Autumn Duathlon. A cold morning was on hand to welcome 170 competitors take on the Sprint and Super Sprint distances. Entry numbers were down a little on previous years but we had enough to break even and with a new bike course providing a much better route than 2017 hopefully we’ll get a few more when we return in 2019.

The aim of this race has always been to provide local athletes with a friendly/social end of season event as well as providing the opportunity to introduce new people to the sport. It was great to see athletes returning for the 4th year in a row as well as first timers. We had 20 different clubs represented on the start line with our friends at Pompey Triathletes once again leading the way (in terms of numbers) and a strong team from Southampton University Tri Club taking a number of the awards.

Thank you to all that gave up their time on a cold Sunday morning, your enthusiasm and support were very much appreciated by all the competitors. We received some good feedback/comment from the Technical Officials from British Triathlon that we’ll take onboards and look to implement in 2019.

And finally, just a few photos of #TeamBayside doing what they love doing most.

Don’t forget you can follow us on Twitter @BaysideTri and on Facebook ‘Bayside Tri – all ages & abilities welcome’


Bayside Autumn Duathlon 2018

On Sunday 4th November Bayside Tri Club welcomed over 150 competitors to the start line of the Bayside Autumn Duathlon.

Athletes began to arrive at registration at 06:30 and the transition area soon started to fill up with an array of bikes.

With 19 different athletic clubs represented, including a large contingent from Southampton University Tri and Portsmouth Triathletes and members of the Royal Navy, British Army and Hants Police Clubs as well as local running clubs Gosport Road Runners, Fareham Crusaders and Stubbington Green, we were in for a cracking race. There was also a large number of competitors taking on a Duathlon for the first time and we were delighted that they chose our event to do so.

There was a bit of a breeze and the temperature hovered around the 10 degree mark for most of the morning but it stayed dry at the start / finish area for the duration of the event.

At 08:00 the mass start of the Sprint and Super Sprint distances commenced with competitors making their way along Stokes Bay down the Gosport Golden Mile route. At 1.25km those doing the Super Sprint turned round and headed back to the start with the remainder doing the Sprint distance carrying down the promenade, running a couple of laps of the sports field before also returning to the start / finish line and into transition.

Off they all went on their bikes, heading up to the Cocked Hat pub roundabout and then making their way along the sea front to Stubbington. Those doing the Super Sprint turned at the Red Lion pub roundabout and retraced their route back to the transition area. The Sprint distance competitors continued and picked up the route of the Stubbington 10km road race route. A change in the route for this year and one that resulted in a single lap and minimum disruption from traffic. One incline up Coach Hill in Titchfield may have got a few out of the saddle before a left turn down Posbrook Lane led competitors towards Titchfield Haven and back to the sea front. Unbeknown to event organisers it was raining on this part of the course and competitors got a bit wet. Back along the sea front, past Lee-on-the-Solent, and back to the transition ready for the second run of the day.

Both Super Sprint and Sprint distance competitors ran the same distance they’d run in the first leg. With the wind picking up a little as the morning went on it meant that they had to work harder on the way out before ‘enjoying’ some assistance in the final kilometer or so of the race.

All finishers received a bespoke medal and a Chia Charge flapjack as they crossed the line and there were lots of happy /smiley faces.

Congratulations to our winners:

Sprint: Helen Nicholls and Ollie Hurdle

Super Sprint: Alice Spurr and Chris Buxton

Thank you to the following, without whom we couldn’t host our event

Our sponsors – Alton Sports
Chip timing / bike racking / race numbers – Stu Web Timing
Gosport Council
Post race flapjacks – Chia Charge
Technical Officials – British Triathlon
Event Medical cover – Peninsula Medical Services
Race Medals – Runningimp
Post race bacon butties / coffee – Bayside Cabin
Race review –
Photography / video (available on youtube) – Paul Jeram
The best marshals – Bayside Triathlon Club
Keep Sunday 3rd November 2019 free in your diary for next years race.

Southampton University Triathlon Club


Waiting for the off